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Sandbox.ModAPI.Ingame Namespace
v01.180.0 (Beta)

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Public classCode exampleMyGridProgram
All programmable block scripts derive from this class, meaning that all properties in this class are directly available for use in your scripts. If you use Visual Studio or other external editors to write your scripts, you can derive directly from this class and have a compatible script template.
Public classTerminalBlockExtentions
Public enumerationDoorStatus
Describes the current status of the door.
Public enumerationMyAssemblerMode
Determines what mode an assembler is in.
Public enumerationMyConveyorSorterMode
Determines the current mode of a conveyor sorter.
Public enumerationMyDetectedEntityType
Public enumerationMyJumpDriveStatus
Public enumerationMyLaserAntennaStatus
Describes the current status of a laser antenna.
Public enumerationMyPlanetElevation
Describes what detail level to retrieve the planet elevation for.
Public enumerationMyShipConnectorStatus
Describes the current status of the connector.
Public enumerationMyTransmitTarget
Public enumerationPistonStatus
Describes the current status of the piston.