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Sandbox.ModAPI Namespace
v01.180.0 (Beta)

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Public classMyAPIGateway
This is entry point for entire scripting possibilities in game
Public structureMyProductionQueueItem
Public interfaceIMyAdvancedDoor
Public interfaceIMyAirtightDoorBase
Public interfaceIMyAirtightHangarDoor
Public interfaceIMyAirtightSlideDoor
Public interfaceIMyAssembler
Public interfaceIMyAttachableTopBlock
Public interfaceIMyBatteryBlock
Public interfaceIMyBeacon
Public interfaceIMyBlockGroup
Public interfaceIMyCameraBlock
Public interfaceIMyCargoContainer
Public interfaceIMyCockpit
Public interfaceIMyCollector
Public interfaceIMyConveyor
Public interfaceIMyConveyorSorter
Public interfaceIMyConveyorTube
Public interfaceIMyCryoChamber
Public interfaceIMyDecoy
Public interfaceIMyDoor
Public interfaceIMyExtendedPistonBase
Public interfaceIMyFunctionalBlock
Public interfaceIMyGasGenerator
Gas generator interface
Public interfaceIMyGasTank
Public interfaceIMyGridProgram
The interface for the grid program provides extra access for the game and for mods. See MyGridProgram for the class the scripts actually derive from.
Public interfaceIMyGridTerminalSystem
Public interfaceIMyGyro
Public interfaceIMyIngameScripting
Public interfaceIMyInventoryBag
Inventory bag spawned when character died, container breaks, or when entity from other inventory cannot be spawned then bag spawned with the item in its inventory.
Public interfaceIMyJumpDrive
Public interfaceIMyLargeTurretBase
Public interfaceIMyLaserAntenna
ModAPI laserantenna block interface
Public interfaceIMyLightingBlock
Public interfaceIMyMechanicalConnectionBlock
Public interfaceIMyMeteor
Public interfaceIMyMotorAdvancedRotor
Public interfaceIMyMotorAdvancedStator
Public interfaceIMyMotorBase
Public interfaceIMyMotorRotor
Public interfaceIMyMotorStator
Public interfaceIMyMotorSuspension
Public interfaceIMyOreDetector
Public interfaceIMyOxygenGenerator Obsolete.
Public interfaceIMyOxygenTank Obsolete.
Public interfaceIMyPassage
Public interfaceIMyPistonBase
Public interfaceIMyPistonTop
Public interfaceIMyProductionBlock
Public interfaceIMyProgrammableBlock
Public interfaceIMyProjector
Public interfaceIMyRadioAntenna
Public interfaceIMyReactor
Public interfaceIMyRefinery
Public interfaceIMyReflectorLight
Public interfaceIMyRemoteControl
Public interfaceIMyScriptBlacklist
Exposes blacklist functionality to allow mods to disallow parts of the scripting API that has been allowed by the system whitelist.
Public interfaceIMyScriptBlacklistBatch
A handle which enables adding members to the blacklist in a batch. It is highly recommended that you try to group your changes into as few batches as possible.
Public interfaceIMySensorBlock
Public interfaceIMyShipConnector
Public interfaceIMyShipController
Public interfaceIMyShipDrill
Public interfaceIMyShipGrinder
Public interfaceIMyShipToolBase
Public interfaceIMyShipWelder
Ship welder interface
Public interfaceIMySmallGatlingGun
Public interfaceIMySmallMissileLauncher
Public interfaceIMySmallMissileLauncherReload
Public interfaceIMyTerminalActionsHelper
Public interfaceIMyTerminalBlock
Public interfaceIMyTerminalControls
This interface allows you to query, add or remove terminal controls for a block. The terminal controls are the controls that appear in the terminal screen when you select a block. You may add new controls, remove existing controls, or modify existing controls.
Public interfaceIMyTextPanel
Public interfaceIMyThrust
Public interfaceIMyUpgradableBlock
interface to retrieve upgrade effects from block IMyUpgradableBlock
Public interfaceIMyUpgradeModule
Interface to access upgrade module properties IMyUpgradeModule
Public interfaceIMyUserControllableGun
Public interfaceIMyWarhead
Public interfaceIMyWheel
Public delegateCustomActionGetDelegate
Allows you to modify the actions associated with a block before it's displayed to user.
Public delegateCustomControlGetDelegate
Allows you to modify the terminal control list before it is displayed to the user. Modifying controls will change which controls are displayed.
Public enumerationBuildCheckResult
Public enumerationMyWhitelistTarget
Determines what target a whitelisting entry does or should support.