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IMyExtendedPistonBase Interface
v01.180.0 (Beta)

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Namespace: Sandbox.ModAPI
Assembly: Sandbox.Common (in Sandbox.Common.dll) Version: (
public interface IMyExtendedPistonBase : IMyPistonBase, 
	IMyMechanicalConnectionBlock, IMyFunctionalBlock, IMyTerminalBlock, IMyCubeBlock, IMyEntity, 
	IMyExtendedPistonBase, IMyPistonBase, IMyMechanicalConnectionBlock, IMyFunctionalBlock, IMyTerminalBlock, 
	IMyCubeBlock, IMyEntity

The IMyExtendedPistonBase type exposes the following members.

Public methodAddToGamePruningStructure Obsolete. (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodAddUpgradeValue (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public methodAttach
Attaches a nearby top part to the block
(Inherited from IMyMechanicalConnectionBlock.)
Public methodAttach(IMyAttachableTopBlock, Boolean)
Attaches the specified top part to the base
(Inherited from IMyMechanicalConnectionBlock.)
Public methodAttach(IMyPistonTop, Boolean)
Attaches a specified nearby top part to the piston block
(Inherited from IMyPistonBase.)
Public methodBeforeSave (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodCalcLocalMatrix (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public methodCalculateCurrentModel (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public methodClose (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodDebugDraw (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public methodDebugDrawInvalidTriangles (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodDelete (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodDetach
Detaches the top from the base
(Inherited from IMyMechanicalConnectionBlock.)
Public methodDoOverlapSphereTest (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodEnableColorMaskForSubparts (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodExtend
Extends the piston.
(Inherited from IMyPistonBase.)
Public methodGetActions (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public methodGetActionWithName (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public method[M:VRage.ModAPI.IMyEntity.GetChildren(System.Collections.Generic.List{VRage.ModAPI.IMyEntity},System.Func`2)] (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodGetDiffuseColor (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodGetDistanceBetweenCameraAndBoundingSphere (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodGetDistanceBetweenCameraAndPosition (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodGetFriendlyName (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodGetIntersectionWithLine (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodGetIntersectionWithLineAndBoundingSphere (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodGetIntersectionWithSphere (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodGetInventory (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodGetInventory(Int32) (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodGetLargestDistanceBetweenCameraAndBoundingSphere (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodGetObjectBuilder (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodGetObjectBuilderCubeBlock (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public methodGetOwnerFactionTag (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public methodGetPlayerRelationToOwner (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public methodGetPosition (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodGetProperties (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public methodGetProperty (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public methodGetSmallestDistanceBetweenCameraAndBoundingSphere (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodGetSubpart (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodGetTopMostParent (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodGetTrianglesIntersectingSphere (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodGetUserRelationToOwner (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public methodGetViewMatrix (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodGetWorldMatrixNormalizedInv (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodHasLocalPlayerAccess (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public methodHasPlayerAccess (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public methodInit (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public methodInit(MyObjectBuilder_CubeBlock, IMyCubeGrid) (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public methodIsVisible (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodOnAddedToScene (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodOnBuildSuccess (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public methodOnDestroy (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public methodOnModelChange (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public methodOnRegisteredToGridSystems (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public methodOnRemovedByCubeBuilder (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public methodOnRemovedFromScene (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodOnUnregisteredFromGridSystems (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public methodRaycastDetectors (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public methodRefreshCustomInfo
Raises AppendingCustomInfo so every subscriber can append custom info.
(Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public methodReloadDetectors (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public methodRemoveEffect (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public methodRemoveFromGamePruningStructure Obsolete. (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodRequestEnable Obsolete. (Inherited from IMyFunctionalBlock.)
Public methodRetract
Retracts the piston.
(Inherited from IMyPistonBase.)
Public methodReverse
Reverses the direction of the piston.
(Inherited from IMyPistonBase.)
Public methodSearchActionsOfName (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public methodSetColorMaskForSubparts (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodSetCustomName(String) Obsolete. (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public methodSetCustomName(StringBuilder) Obsolete. (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public methodSetDamageEffect (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public methodSetEffect(String, Boolean) (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public methodSetEffect(String, Single, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean) (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public methodSetEmissiveParts (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodSetEmissivePartsForSubparts (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodSetLocalMatrix (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodSetPosition (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodSetWorldMatrix (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodTryGetSubpart (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodUpdateGamePruningStructure Obsolete. (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public methodUpdateIsWorking (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public methodUpdateVisual (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodApplyAction(String)Overloaded. (Defined by TerminalBlockExtentions.)
Public Extension MethodApplyAction(String, ListTerminalActionParameter)Overloaded. (Defined by TerminalBlockExtentions.)
Public Extension MethodGetDefaultValueT
Returns default value of specified property as TypeName
(Defined by TerminalPropertyExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodGetId (Defined by TerminalBlockExtentions.)
Public Extension MethodGetInventoryCount (Defined by TerminalBlockExtentions.)
Public Extension MethodGetMaximumT
Returns maximum value of specified property as TypeName
(Defined by TerminalPropertyExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodGetMinimumT
Returns minimum value of specified property as TypeName
(Defined by TerminalPropertyExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodGetMininumT (Defined by TerminalPropertyExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodGetUseConveyorSystem (Defined by TerminalBlockExtentions.)
Public Extension MethodGetValueT
Returns value of specified property as TypeName
(Defined by TerminalPropertyExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodGetValueBool
Returns value of specified property
(Defined by TerminalPropertyExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodGetValueColor
Returns value of specified property
(Defined by TerminalPropertyExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodGetValueFloat
Returns value of specified property
(Defined by TerminalPropertyExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodHasAction (Defined by TerminalBlockExtentions.)
Public Extension MethodHasInventory (Defined by TerminalBlockExtentions.)
Public Extension MethodSetUseConveyorSystem (Defined by TerminalBlockExtentions.)
Public Extension MethodSetValueT
Set value of property with type of TypeName
(Defined by TerminalPropertyExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodSetValueBool
Set bool value of property
(Defined by TerminalPropertyExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodSetValueColor
Set bool value of property
(Defined by TerminalPropertyExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodSetValueFloat
Set float value of property
(Defined by TerminalPropertyExtensions.)
Public propertyBlockDefinition (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyCastShadows (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyCheckConnectionAllowed (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyClosed (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyComponents (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyCubeGrid (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyCurrentPosition
Gets the current position of the piston head relative to the base.
(Inherited from IMyPistonBase.)
Public propertyCustomData
Gets or sets the Custom Data string. NOTE: Only use this for user input. For storing large mod configs, create your own MyModStorageComponent
(Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public propertyCustomInfo (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public propertyCustomName (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public propertyCustomNameWithFaction (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public propertyDebugAsyncLoading (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyDefinitionDisplayNameText (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyDetailedInfo (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public propertyDisassembleRatio (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyDisplayName (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyDisplayNameText (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyEnabled (Inherited from IMyFunctionalBlock.)
Public propertyEntityId (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyFastCastShadowResolve (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyFlags (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyGameLogic (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyHasInventory (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyHierarchy (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyHighestPosition
Gets the highest position the piston is capable of moving to.
(Inherited from IMyPistonBase.)
Public propertyInScene (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyInvalidateOnMove (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyInventoryCount (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyIsAttached
Gets if the block base is attached to something
(Inherited from IMyMechanicalConnectionBlock.)
Public propertyIsBeingHacked (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyIsCCDForProjectiles Obsolete. (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyIsFunctional (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyIsLocked Obsolete.
Gets if the block is safety locked (welded)
(Inherited from IMyMechanicalConnectionBlock.)
Public propertyIsVolumetric (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyIsWorking (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyLocalAABB (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyLocalAABBHr (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyLocalMatrix (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyLocalVolume (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyLocalVolumeOffset (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyLocationForHudMarker Obsolete. (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyLowestPosition
Gets the lowest position the piston is capable of moving to.
(Inherited from IMyPistonBase.)
Public propertyMarkedForClose (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyMass (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyMax (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyMaxGlassDistSq (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyMaxLimit
Gets or sets the maximum position the piston can extend to. See LowestPosition and HighestPosition for the limits of this value.
(Inherited from IMyPistonBase.)
Public propertyMaxVelocity
Gets the maximum velocity this piston is capable of moving at.
(Inherited from IMyPistonBase.)
Public propertyMin (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyMinLimit
Gets or sets the minimum position the piston can retract to. See LowestPosition and HighestPosition for the limits of this value.
(Inherited from IMyPistonBase.)
Public propertyModel (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyName (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyNearFlag (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyNeedsDraw (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyNeedsDrawFromParent (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyNeedsResolveCastShadow (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyNeedsUpdate (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyNumberInGrid (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyOrientation (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyOwnerId (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyParent (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyPendingAttachment
Gets if the block is looking for a top part
(Inherited from IMyMechanicalConnectionBlock.)
Public propertyPersistentFlags (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyPhysics (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyPosition (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyPositionComp (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyRender (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyResourceSink (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertySafetyLock
Gets if the block is safety locked (welded)
(Inherited from IMyMechanicalConnectionBlock.)
Public propertySafetyLockSpeed
Gets or sets the speed at which this device will engage it's safety lock (IsLocked).
(Inherited from IMyMechanicalConnectionBlock.)
Public propertySave (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyShadowBoxLod (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyShowInTerminal (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public propertyShowInToolbarConfig (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public propertyShowOnHUD (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public propertySkipIfTooSmall (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertySlimBlock (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyStatus
Gets the current status.
(Inherited from IMyPistonBase.)
Public propertyStorage (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertySynchronized (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertySyncObject (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyTop
Gets the attached top part entity
(Inherited from IMyMechanicalConnectionBlock.)
Public propertyTopGrid
Gets the grid of the attached top part
(Inherited from IMyMechanicalConnectionBlock.)
Public propertyTransparent (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyUpgradeValues (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyVelocity
Gets or sets the velocity of the piston as it extends or retracts. This value can be between negative and positive MaxVelocity.
(Inherited from IMyPistonBase.)
Public propertyVisible (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyWorldAABB (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyWorldAABBHr (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyWorldMatrix (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyWorldMatrixInvScaled (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyWorldMatrixNormalizedInv (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyWorldVolume (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyWorldVolumeHr (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public eventAppendingCustomInfo
Event to append custom info.
(Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public eventAttachedEntityChanged
Notifies when the top grid is attached or detached
(Inherited from IMyPistonBase.)
Public eventCustomNameChanged (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public eventEnabledChanged (Inherited from IMyFunctionalBlock.)
Public eventIsWorkingChanged (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public eventLimitReached (Inherited from IMyPistonBase.)
Public eventOnClose (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public eventOnClosing (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public eventOnMarkForClose (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public eventOnPhysicsChanged (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public eventOnUpgradeValuesChanged (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public eventOwnershipChanged (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public eventPropertiesChanged (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public eventShowOnHUDChanged (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public eventVisibilityChanged (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
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