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IMyProjector Properties
v01.180.0 (Beta)

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

The IMyProjector type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBlockDefinition (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyBuildableBlocksCount
Count of blocks which can be welded now
Public propertyCheckConnectionAllowed (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyComponents (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyCubeGrid (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyCustomData
Gets or sets the Custom Data string. NOTE: Only use this for user input. For storing large mod configs, create your own MyModStorageComponent
(Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public propertyCustomInfo (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public propertyCustomName (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public propertyCustomNameWithFaction (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public propertyDefinitionDisplayNameText (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyDetailedInfo (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public propertyDisassembleRatio (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyDisplayName (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyDisplayNameText (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyEnabled (Inherited from IMyFunctionalBlock.)
Public propertyEntityId (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyHasInventory (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyInventoryCount (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyIsBeingHacked (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyIsFunctional (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyIsProjecting
Checks if there is an active projection
Public propertyIsWorking (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyMass (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyMax (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyMin (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyName (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyNumberInGrid (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyOrientation (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyOwnerId (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyPosition (Inherited from IMyCubeBlock.)
Public propertyProjectionOffset
Public propertyProjectionOffsetX Obsolete.
Public propertyProjectionOffsetY Obsolete.
Public propertyProjectionOffsetZ Obsolete.
Public propertyProjectionRotation
These values are not in degrees. 1 = 90 degrees, 2 = 180 degrees
Public propertyProjectionRotX Obsolete.
Public propertyProjectionRotY Obsolete.
Public propertyProjectionRotZ Obsolete.
Public propertyRemainingArmorBlocks
Number of armor blocks left to be welded
Public propertyRemainingBlocks
Number of blocks left to be welded
Public propertyRemainingBlocksPerType
A comprehensive list of blocks left to be welded
Public propertyShowInTerminal (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public propertyShowInToolbarConfig (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public propertyShowOnHUD (Inherited from IMyTerminalBlock.)
Public propertyTotalBlocks
Total number of blocks in the projection
Public propertyWorldAABB (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyWorldAABBHr (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyWorldMatrix (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyWorldVolume (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
Public propertyWorldVolumeHr (Inherited from IMyEntity.)
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