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Sandbox.ModAPI.Interfaces.Terminal Namespace
v01.180.0 (Beta)

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Public interfaceIMyTerminalAction
This is an interface wrapper for terminal actions that appear on a toolbar. An instance of this interface is created via MyAPIGateway.TerminalControls.CreateAction. Once created, you may modify various fields to control how the action behaves.
Public interfaceIMyTerminalControl
This is the base terminal control interface. All controls implement this.
Public interfaceIMyTerminalControlButton
This is a control button. When a button is clicked an action is performed.
Public interfaceIMyTerminalControlCheckbox
This is a checkbox. A label appears and a box appears next to it
Public interfaceIMyTerminalControlColor
This is a color control. This terminal controls allows you to select colors.
Public interfaceIMyTerminalControlCombobox
This is a combobox control. It is a field that gives a drop down list that contains options that you can select.
Public interfaceIMyTerminalControlLabel
This is a simple label control.
Public interfaceIMyTerminalControlListbox
This is a list box. It contains a list of items that a user can select.
Public interfaceIMyTerminalControlOnOffSwitch
This is an on / off switch or toggle button. It gives two options that a user can toggled between.
Public interfaceIMyTerminalControlPropertyTValue
This is a control property. This is use to set properties on a block that can be referenced in the ProgrammableBlock.
Public interfaceIMyTerminalControlSeparator
This is a simple line separator used to separate controls in a visible manner.
Public interfaceIMyTerminalControlSlider
This is a value slider. A slider can be moved by a user and a value selected.
Public interfaceIMyTerminalControlTextbox
This is a textbox where a user can enter values into.
Public interfaceIMyTerminalControlTitleTooltip
This is a base interface for other interfaces. Almost all controls implement this, and allows you to set the label (Title) of the control and also the tooltip that appears when hovering over the control.
Public interfaceIMyTerminalValueControlTValue
This is a value control interface that a few controls implement. When a value changes, the Setter action is performed. When a value is queried the Getter action is performed.