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IMyTerminalControlListbox Interface
v01.180.0 (Beta)

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

This is a list box. It contains a list of items that a user can select.

Namespace: Sandbox.ModAPI.Interfaces.Terminal
Assembly: Sandbox.Common (in Sandbox.Common.dll) Version: (
public interface IMyTerminalControlListbox : IMyTerminalControl, 

The IMyTerminalControlListbox type exposes the following members.

Public methodRedrawControl
Recreates the control GUI. This allows you to update the Title of some controls.
(Inherited from IMyTerminalControl.)
Public methodUpdateVisual
This updates a control that is currently displayed, allowing you to refresh it's state
(Inherited from IMyTerminalControl.)
Public propertyEnabled
Allows you to set if the control is enabled
(Inherited from IMyTerminalControl.)
Public propertyId
Identifier of control
(Inherited from IMyTerminalControl.)
Public propertyItemSelected
This is triggered when an item is selected. Can contain more than one item if Multiselect is true.
Public propertyListContent
This is triggered when you need to populate the list with list items. The first list is the items in the list box, and the second list is the selected items in the list.
Public propertyMultiselect
This allows you to enable/disable multiple item selection
Public propertySupportsMultipleBlocks
Allows you to set if the control is visible when the block is selected as a group
(Inherited from IMyTerminalControl.)
Public propertyTitle
Allows you to get or set the Label that appears on the control
(Inherited from IMyTerminalControlTitleTooltip.)
Public propertyTooltip
Allows you to get or set the tooltip that appears when you hover over the control
(Inherited from IMyTerminalControlTitleTooltip.)
Public propertyVisible
Allows you to set if the control is visible
(Inherited from IMyTerminalControl.)
Public propertyVisibleRowsCount
This allows you to set how many rows are visible in the list box.
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